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Residential care centre of the public social welfare centre of Vilvoorde

During the design phase of the competition we decided to design a building with four levels instead of three, after consultations with the town planning department. We were able to reduce the building’s footprint on the plot of land as a result as well as increasing the distance to the neighbours.

All the public and support functions are on the ground floor. The parking spaces for personnel, the storage areas and technical areas are located in the cellar. A collaboration agreement was concluded with the Flemish Regional Waste Authority for the excavation of this level in the framework of the remediation of the plot. The three upper floors each have two units of 32 residents. A split corridor system with a large patio throughout the building creates a light, pleasant and constantly changing experience. A truss bridge has been built on each floor, cutting through the large patio in two places, limiting the walking distances and making for an interesting walk through the building.  All the day rooms are located on the west side, which enhances the flexibility. They are oriented towards the park area of the filled in Senne River providing a view of the nearby canal.

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