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Sint-Andries hospital

A master plan was drawn up for a new day hospital and medical-technical services in order to continue to fulfil the demand for specialisation and a modern organisation. In our design for the most recent extension we re-examined the internal circulation as well as the spatial location and the regulation of traffic flows. The building now occupies part of the adjacent public road while the main entrance was moved to the hospital’s northern side.

The reception area of the new-build extends well into the hospital’s core, from where all the services and wards can be easily reached. There now is space for a new pharmacy, an A&E ward, a polyclinic and new operating rooms as well as two underground car parks.

The building’s structure as well as the façade, which consists of ceramic façade elements, have a flexible design so they can be easily adapted in case of subsequent changes and extensions.

The existing buildings will also be gradually renovated, including the geriatric ward, the ICU, the lab, the medical imaging and physiotherapy departments and the existing day hospital and polyclinic. The (institutional) kitchen and utility rooms will also be refurbished. We will pay attention to renewable energy in this framework as well as using a BES field among others.

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