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Care home St Barbara

The design is the last in a series of buildings of the Sint-Barbara residential care centre along Dieperstraat.

The unit is visually divided into two parts: a connection with the existing buildings (general services and 10 assisted living flats), with a new wing (32 service flats) built at a right angle on top of it. The surrounding area seems to cut through the building because part of it is built on pillars with parking spaces underneath. The design also features a glass passageway, which has been built at a right angle on top of the existing building. The rest of the building consists of one volume with veneer masonry.

The façade elements of the existing building, which jut out at an angle, have also been incorporated in the new design concept. They are like window frames, providing the residents with a view of the surrounding area.

The colours and materials harmonise with those of the existing buildings. The combination of three types of facing bricks adds nuances to the façade.


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