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Dorp nr.2 Koningin Fabiola

The not-for-profit association and care group Village no. 2 Queen Fabiola built two new residential clusters near Boekenberg Park and Antwerp Airport. Here people suffering from autism can live independently under supervision.

The buildings consist of staggered volumes; the various residential units are defined by the alternating heights of the cornices. By reversing the pitch of the roof the façades are articulated in such a way that they fit in with the scale of the surrounding area. The façades have been clad with South African slate, in a variety of colours which were purposefully selected.

The specific problems that people suffering from autism encounter, such as sensitivity to stimuli, requires a well-thought-out residential concept, which provides sufficient individual space for the residents. We achieved this with moveable walls, sinusoidal hallways, minimalist details, attention to acoustics and so on.

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