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The concept reconciles a compact design with an open building by working with a block that has been “opened up”. The compactness of the building results in shorter walking distances while the openness has a positive impact on the building’s viability and amenities.

The residential groups, which can be divided, are accommodated on the various floors. The semi-public services are on the ground floor on the street side. This layer will be as transparent as possible to optimise the relationship between the indoors and outdoors, as well as integrating the building as much as possible in its surroundings and making it look inviting and appealing.

On the urban planning level the building creates a transition between the closed façades along Kloosterstraat in the direction of the village centre and the detached buildings in the other direction. The open side can either be used as a garden or park or for establishing relationships with the parcel of land next to it, which has yet to be developed.

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