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Health and care home Annuntiaten

A new-build became necessary as the nuns of the order required more care and the existing buildings became outdated. The vision on care revealed that the order had a strong preference for small-scale housing. We also had to take into account the economic reality. That is why we devised a highly flexible concept which can accommodate residential groups of 4 x 8, 2 x 16 or 1 x 32 residents. Every group of eight rooms is easy to recognise, has its own entrance and can operate independently. All the residential groups are organised around a central axis, which contains the public functions and connects at an angle to the existing buildings. The building’s architecture refers to the surrounding heritage without imitating it as well as using strong, natural materials such as corten steel and enamelled glass. The client gave priority to sustainability and purposefully opted for a low energy building. We have used concrete core activation, a BES field, heating with a pellet stove system, solar panels for hot water and photovoltaic panels to generate electricity to achieve this.

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