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Rest and care home Amandina

Together with Ibens we converted the former convent into a residential care campus, which is operated by Amate.

The large neo-Gothic chapel was restored and is now used as a cafeteria and multi-purpose space. The former convent buildings were demolished and replaced with a newbuild. The authorities requested that the outer façades incorporate certain architectural features of the former convent.

The new L-shaped building is built at a right angle to the existing chapel, connecting with it.  The 97 residential care rooms are located on the first, second and third floor respectively. The fourth floor can be used for assisted living flats. Floor to ceiling windows let in as much light as possible. All the day rooms have been fitted with therapy kitchens so the residents can participate as much as possible at mealtimes.

Sustainability was an important requirement. The rainwater is recovered as much as possible, the building is heated with natural gas in combination with drill holes and solar panels provide warm water for the sanitary facilities.

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